The Ruined City

The Ruined City

2016:End of the Apoc Project

This is the third Project for Pro Mini Builders, this is owned by the group's owner, CplTrev00... its set in 2016, with a apocolypse just raging (Not a zombie one, just a apocolypse like stuff is now rusted) You'll pick a country and rebuild it from it rusting out. You can have two or more people as a single country as long as the first person would allow them to.

Country ListEdit

United States of America- CplTrev00

Central state of China-niceguys12345

New California Republic- PapaPanda33

Panama - BrickGuyDK Singapore-AlertCambodian


Confederate States of Western Australia-Titanic23456


Albania- aleksss

The Sultanate of Kharamajistan- MrRedSir

Vietnam- SkippinSweetPine

Need to add more! Send me a letter, saying what country you want to be, if your no BC, TBC or OBC, ask anyone in the group that is to give you a Personal server you can build it on.